Ring Me Up

By Lucas Tabaka

Class RingsOn May 15, the sophomore class at FHN will be receiving their official class rings. Students will be presented with their rings in the commons at 9 a.m. The distribution of the rings will also include a free breakfast for all of the students who attend. The ring ceremony will include a big ring inflatable that students will be able to walk through.

“It was fun to get it because it was my first like ‘thing’ for FHN,” senior Sammie Savala said.

There was a large variety of class rings that the sophomore class was able to pick from. Rings can come with or without stones on them; the stones can be chosen from synthetic birthstones, genuine stones, and synthetic premium stones. The actual ring surrounding the stone can come in gold, silver, matte black, and copper. The rings can even be more customized with designs engraved on the side including the arts, music, sports, class, name, career, flags, activities, etc. Prices for these rings depend on how much the ring was customized.

“I got a cross in the middle, and then I got a camera on the side for photography,” sophomore Rachel Creeley said. “I got my birthstone which is April.”

This year, English Teacher Diane Fingers is running the ring ceremony. Fingers will be handing the rings out alphabetically. The total amount of rings that are given out this year is 90; last year the amount was around 200. The money from the rings goes to Herff Jones, and then a man named Jeff Rodenburg personally donates $5 for each ring bought. Each of those $5 goes into the sophomore’s class fund.