Lindenwood University Monument Partially Destoryed


The remains of the Lindenwood University monument can be seen lying on the ground of the Kingshighway entrance.

By Chase Meyer, Web Editor

Update, June 26 at 1:11 p.m.: A Lindenwood University spokesperson reports that the monument was hit by a tractor-trailer. After initially leaving the scene, the driver of the vehicle returned to speak with police.

The monument was built in 1921 using donations from university alumni. Stone restoration experts have been contacted and are expected to propose solutions on how to repair the damage.

Lindenwood University President Michael Shonrock stated he has appreciated alumni and residents of the community for all their support and concern with the situation.

Original Post, June 24 at 6:45 p.m.: Wednesday afternoon, an unusual sight impeded on the normal landmarks of the drive along Kingshighway. A classic St. Charles object, the Lindenwood University gate, had been partially destroyed.

Authorities at the scene were reluctant to comment on what had occurred. FHNtoday is waiting on details from university personnel and will make those known as they become available.