FHN Sees New Improvements Over Summer, Into School Year


By Tristan Chenoweth

There has been a lot construction going on around FHN lately. The parking lot has been repaired in a few places and the marching band practice field is getting an update. They have also added a new sidewalk for students to use. The new construction is to improve the playing environment for all students in athletics.

“The construction is going to make attending sporting events more attractive for students and parents to attend,” Head Principal Mr. Downs said. “It also ensures better facilities for students to work and play on in the future.”

The construction that started over summer has taken a toll on some of the students at FHN that drive to school. Construction workers at one point had twenty-five of the preferred senior parking (PSP) spots closed for repair at the start of this school year.

“Parking lot construction made me mad for a couple of days,” senior Emily Rish said. “By the time I got to school all of the PSP spots were¬†taken forcing me to park by the tennis courts. It only frustrated me because I finally earned PSP and didn’t get to use it.”

The marching band practice field is also getting a new update. It has been regraded and will be reseeded to better improve the field for the marching band. In the meantime, their practices have been moved to the fields behind the stadium.

“The field being changed has made us have to deal with a new change,” Band Director Jeffrey Moorman said. “We have had to deal with the the longer walk to our new practice site, the double echo from the bleachers and the house behind the stadium.”

The new updates should help better improve the life of the students and the coaches. It will also ensure better practice areas for all sports.