Freshmen Class Sponsors Hat Day for Juvenile Diabetes


By Michal Basford, Web Team

One of the few times students can wear hats around school without being told to take it off: A hat day. The price? One dollar. On Thursday, Aug. 27, there will be a hat day. Bring one dollar to wear a hat for the day. Due to teacher meetings on Aug. 28, this particular hat day is on Thursday, unlike most others which are on Fridays.

“I’m guessing it was [chosen] because people with diabetes can die if they get seriously hurt if they don’t take their insulin,” freshman Tabitha Johannes said.

Juvenile Diabetes was chosen as this hat day’s charity. English teacher and Freshman Class Sponsor Kristen DiCarlo decided with a group of freshmen on this charity. This year is the second year it’s been chosen for a hat day.

“I started it last year,” DiCarlo said. “My nephew has juvenile diabetes, so it’s a charity close to my heart.”

All students, teachers and staff can participate in hat days as long as they bring in one dollar to donate to this charity. The hats can be worn throughout the school day without warnings from teachers to remove it.

“[I enjoy hat days] because you’re able to wear a hat of your choice, and it’s a form of expression,” junior Alyssa Gill said.