StuCo Begins Preparation for World Tour

For this year’s homecoming, student council will be taking students around the globe with “A Knight Around the World”


By Zoe Lawson, Copy Editor

This year, homecoming is coming early, giving students the opportunity to enjoy a night of fun and dancing. Students will be greeted with a myriad of decorations from an 18 foot tall Eiffel Tower, to a giant paper dragon, to flags from around the world to embody the theme, “A Knight Around the World.” Student Council plans to make the food they serve around the world themed as well.

“I’m getting really excited,” said co-sponsor Shelly Parks. “We got a lot done in the summer at our StuCo retreat so things are going really well. I think we’re on track for a very good homecoming this year.”

The week before homecoming will be the usual spirit week. The theme for Monday is Around the World, followed by Black and Gold day and senior toga day. Wednesday will be Sports Teams day, and finally Friday will be the pep assembly and class colors day.

“I’m always excited for the pep assembly and for everyone to see the decorations when they get to homecoming,” Student Council President Nicole Morse said.

Homecoming tickets are on sale this week for $20 during all lunches. Homecoming will be this Saturday, Sept. 19.