Sophomores Eligible to Purchase Parking Permits


By Carolynn Gonzalez, Staff

Due to available spots in the school’s parking lot, sophomores at Francis Howell North are given the opportunity to purchase a seasonal parking pass if they participate in a sport.

“I think only allowing sophomores who do sports [to be able to park] is a great idea because it promotes being active in the school,” sophomore Christian Witte said.

Because the fall sports season was already halfway over before sophomores could purchase a pass, seasonal parking passes are $10, but are normally $20. If a student were to quit the sport or only join for the ability to drive to school, the pass would be revoked.

“Parking is a privilege,” Lindsay Horton, part of the main office staff at Francis Howell North, said.

Sophomores have to fill out the same standard paperwork as any other student who is interested in buying a parking pass, though it must be confirmed that they are active in a sport.

“I plan on getting a pass this year because it will be more convenient when trying to get home from after-school practices,” Witte said, who participates in marching band and winter guard.

A tag to hang on car mirrors is given to students, and those with seasonal parking passes have a different color than the year-long passes. To ensure that sophomores don’t continue to park after their sport season has ended, the color of the seasonal parking pass tag is changed with the start of a new sports season.

“Sophomores being able to drive should be a big privilege given out to honorable students,” Witte said.

Sophomores can inquire about purchasing a seasonal parking pass in room 23.

“I like having the opportunity to drive to school because I can get to school as early as I want, and I can drive home from after school practices,” Witte said.