Publication Staff Goes to MJEA Conference at University of Missouri


By McKayla Bogda

The publications room is full of people, but on Monday, Sept. 21, a few of the students and the teachers went to a conference at the University of Missouri.

“All the editors and the one staffer that came along will take the ideas the professors gave us, put our own spin on it, and make it great and usable down here in 026,” Webmaster Chase Meyer said. “From learning how to deal with traumatized victims of an event to getting everything we need for an in-depth story, we will definitely be able to use every piece of advice they gave us.”

The conference was about the journalism program at the University of Missouri and tips on how to be a better journalist. Aaron Manfull and Jordyn Kiel, the advisors,  took the selected students to give them the opportunity to learn more about the school and relay the information to the rest of the staff.

“I think it was also a good bonding time for those who were able to go,” Manfull said. “They got a little closer and they actually brainstormed ideas on how they could improve the publications.”

Once they arrived the conference started out with the administration’s office talking about the how they have one of the top journalism programs in the United States. After that they had lunch and a tour of the campus. Later they listened to two of the professors from the journalism department talk to them on diversity in a publication and how to cover tough topics.

“I think we all picked up some kind of skill or skills that we can incorporate into the room,” North Star Co-Editor-in-Chief Priscilla Joel said.

Through this experience the staff that went learned some new tips on writing that they can teach the rest of the staff. This has helped spark new ideas for them to try to make the school’s publication better.

“I definitely think this was a really awesome experience, and I definitely encourage anybody else who wants to attend to go if they can, if they are offered the opportunity,” Meyer said.