FBLA Conference and Workshop


By Lucas Tabaka

Future Business Leaders of America sponsor and business technology teacher Angie Mason and her FBLA students occasionally participate in meetings and workshops to stay up on their game. Students go to Kokomo Joe’s to speak with past members of FBLA along with businesses associated with FBLA. After, the kids get to play games and eat together.

“I think having workshops like the ones FBLA has can really bring the students together, so that they can be stronger as a group and not just individually,” junior Rachel Creeley said.

To join Future Business Leaders of America, a student is required to enter a business class. Some business classes are marketing, economics, etc. Not only are some business classes a prerequisite to joining FBLA, but also provide a practical art credit to a student. FBLA gives a student the opportunity of a scholarship. The Future Business Leaders of America is split up into the different subjects such as business procedures, business communication, business math, economics, desktop publishing, management decision making, management information systems, website design, client service, and public speaking; also business principles and procedures. Earlier this year at districts, first place rankings were made including public speaking, management decision making, management information systems, website design, desktop publishing, client service, and business communication.

“I hope to learn beneficial business skills, and to benefit me in college and in my career to help me prepare myself for what’s coming in my future,” FBLA president Jessie Define said.

Students can go on many trips and see many things while being in FBLA. Usually students go to New York City to see different businesses in action. While they are there they will be guided around the city to visit places like Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Empire State Building. Students are also able to go into shops and eat at different places. Students don’t go as far when going to competitions, but still get to go outside of school and compete at certain places.

“I’ve heard about the FBLA trip to New York and it sounded pretty fun how they went to all the famous places,” sophomore Madi Oestreich said. “I’d really think about joining.”