HOSA Elects New Officers This Year


By Michal Basford

Oct. 22, HOSA members gathered to elect this year’s officers. HOSA also had officers last year in its first year. Anna Livingstone was elected President, Mensur Koso as Vice President, Abby Day as Secretary, Rachel Elder as Chief of Staff, Zohaib Abro as Treasurer, Bailey Marek as Parliamentarian and Madison Vanek as Social Media Head for this year’s cabinet positions. Vanek is the only returning officer.

“I wanted to be more than just an active participant of HOSA,” Social Media Head and senior Madison Vanek said. “I mean, I’m going to participate in everything HOSA has to offer to the fullest extent, but I just wanted to put my voice out there more than a hand in the air, more or less to say here’s my idea. I wanted to have something that could stick and something that could last.”

At the meeting, members interested in cabinet positions gave speeches and fielded questions. A Google Form was used as the ballot.

“I think the school should be more involved and know what HOSA is and what we do,” President and senior Anna Livingstone said. “Another big goal is a lot of people have a feeling that they want to go into medicine but they aren’t sure exactly what they want to do with it, so I think a goal would be to help people find what they enjoy about medicine.”

The club will be doing similar activities this year as last year. The plan is to have more job shadowing opportunities for club members and to be solely in charge of the blood drive this year.

“They are very qualified,” HOSA Sponsor Matthew Riffee said. “Their credentials, their grades, their behavior [and] the fact that I’ve had every single one of them in class so I know them personally is fantastic. I’m super confident and excited about this group of kids.”