Building Up: The Two New Attractions of St.Charles


New buildings have arisen in the St.Charles area. Over by Historic Main Street, there has been newer restaurants, apartments, and other attractions added. The attraction started with the Art Institute in 2012 which is one of the three largest buildings. Other large buildings consist of the high-rise apartment complex and the AMC Theater. The two are connected by a parking garage for people entering the theater and people living in the residences. The marketplace is on 5th Street, making it very close to Main Street.

“I have been down there once; I went for frozen yogurt,” sophomore Savannah Wandzel said. “I think my favorite thing about it was how close everything was; it felt like its own city in a way because there’s the living and the food and stuff all right there next to each other. It’s also cool how close it is to Main Street; it’s basically walking distance which is a really good quality.”

Restaurants take up majority of the marketplace. Restaurants: Prasino, Wasabi Sushi, Five Guys Burgers And Fries, Tucanos, Bar Louie, U Swirl and Dewey’s Pizza. The newest place at the center is Pie Time which is a pizza place that is set off from the two main buildings of the mall. A restaurant coming to the center is PF Changs which will also be set off from the mall. Streets of St.Charles Dental, Massage Luxe Spa, and Leopard Boutique are other stores connected with the residences and the institute.

“I’ve been to U-Swirl but that’s it,” sophomore Emma Eckhard said.

On 1900 1st Capitol Drive, another new marketplace has been added. Schnucks was the start of it, but it soon grew to be a large strip that consists of all different types of services. It is set across from Lindenwood University making it an easy commute for the college students.

“I think it’s a very smart business move, making it close to the university,” sophomore Maddy Hutson said.

Stores connected to the center include Crown Vision, Great Clips, GNC, and U Nails. Smaller buildings set off of the actual strip include Crazy Bowls And Wraps and CVS Pharmacy.

“I’m crazy for Crazy Bowls And Wraps,” sophomore Alex Rowe said.