Norm the Knight’s New Look to be Unveiled in January

The Booster Club raised money to buy a new Norm costume

Norm the Knights New Look to be Unveiled in January

By Audrey Baker

Norm the Knight has lived through generations of students at Francis Howell North. He has been the mascot since the 1980s, but his presence has grown thinner as the years went on. This January, the Athletic Booster Club will reveal the all-new Norm the Knight costume.

“I’m excited for the new Norm because the one we have now is a little scary and looks old,” Junior Alex Gray said. “It’s great that we are finally able to upgrade to a new costume.”

The Booster Club ordered a new costume about a month ago from a local company, Kincaid Karacters. Kincaid has created many iconic mascots such as Fredbird, the mascot of the St.Louis Cardinals, Billikin, the mascot of Saint Louis University, and Little Caesar. The Booster club has been raising money for the past few years to pay for the new costume. All of the money made through concession stands at athletic events and through school merchandise was put into the Norm fund. The club also created a GoFundMe which has raised $300 so far. Through all of the fundraisers, the Booster Club reached their goal of the $5,000 needed to buy the new costume.

“A new costume was needed because the old one was so worn out and we wanted one that would represent our school better as the Knights and increase school spirit,” Booster Club President Jef Fletcher said. “ We chose the costume that we felt would best represent FHN and that could be really interactive with the crowds instead of standing and waving.”

The big reveal of the new Norm will be on January 2 at the wrestling hall of fame inauguration. The event will be held in the gym at 6:00 pm. The new Norm will be making many more appearances at school events in the future.

“I’m looking forward to Norm because I think it will increase school pride,” junior Christopher St.Aubin said. “It’s more fun to go to school with people happy to be there than with people who are unhappy.”