Christmas on Main Street

By Laraya Griffith and Lucas Tabaka

It’s the big holiday again; shopping, eating, and family are not the only big hurrah for this time of season. A tradition for lots that live in the St.Charles community and other communities throughout St.Louis has come again and takes place on South Main Street. The little festival is known as Christmas Traditions; a big attraction that welcomes everyone. The setting: shops are covered in holiday decor, trees are blanketed with lights, and characters dress up in their Christmas attire. The starting day this year is Nov. 27 and the final day is Dec. 24. On the first day, there is a ceremony under the Kister Park Gazebo; after, there is a parade along First Capitol Dr. with Santa and Mrs.Claus in it. There is also a Santa’s Cottage at the Katy Depot where kids can get professional photos with Santa Claus.

“My fav thing is all the lights and how everything’s lit up,” sophomore Kaitlyn Cox said.

The pre-holiday festival contains characters dressed as Saint Nicholas, Jack Frost, Sugarplum Fairy, etc. These characters tell stories for everyone that comes up to them, and they also hand out cards displaying a picture with a description of their character. Everyone is able to take a photo with the characters. Not only is there one Santa Claus but Santa’s from all around the world! Brittany Steck, a former student at Francis Howell North, had taken part years back to become the Sugarplum fairy. However, characters aren’t the only ones who make this production a success. Carol Felzien, Elizabeth Phelps, and Amanda Strupp are just a few names who have made this festival an attraction loved by lots. Felzien is in charge of communication, Phelps is in charge of the Visitors Bureau, and Strupp is in charge of the festival’s decor.

“I really like the lights and how pretty it looks and how festive it is,” sophomore Emma Eckard said.

Businesses take part in this festival by extending service hours and setting up booths outside for people walking along the street. In the past the business Grandma’s Cookies was a very popular booth. There is also a miniature train station at a booth where everyone is welcome to look.

“I think seeing everyone dressed up and just all the people ready for the holidays is my favorite,” sophomore Maddy Hutson said.