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Preparation for Registration Begins


By Karis Skaggs, Newspaper Staff

From Jan. 11-20, FHN students will be getting online and talking to counselors in order to register for their classes for the 2016-2017 school year. By going to, students will search, select and submit their classes for next year. For students looking for additional help with registration, the guidance page on the school website has additional information about it.

“Signing up for classes is super easy and as you get older, once you become like a sophomore or junior, you can really customize your classes based on what you want to go into college for,” junior Ashley Askew said. “You can really personalize what you’re doing and get into classes that you love. And I think that the website that they use is really helpful.”

The website isn’t too complicated, but the difficult part of the process of registration is actually planning what classes you need and want to take. Guidance counselors will take students from their English classes to teach them about the website and then will conference with each student individually to talk about their classes.

“I think it’s important that [students] don’t just go in and sit down and pick classes and click on random things and get their courses together that way,” school counselor Rachel Faulkner said. “I think that it’s important that they really put a lot of thought into it and think about those post-secondary goals and think about what classes that they are or are not interested in.”

A student’s’ post-secondary plans play a key role in what classes they should choose. Askew wants to be a nurse when she grows up, so she is interested in different science classes such as genetics and biology.

“I like to actually challenge myself,” sophomore Grace Lodes said. “School is really boring if you just sit there and everything is too easy.”