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2015 in Review: Fashion Trends Around School

By Lucas Tabaka, Photographer

Although the new year has started and some have put last year behind them, let’s take a look at past trends that were a part of the 2015 school year; trends all the way from the iconic Michael Kors purse to bumming it in some Nike sweats.

“I shop at Sports Authority, Nike, and sometimes Under Armour,” sophomore Sahaura Pauley said.

Throughout the school year, lots of girls were sporting big tote bags and black leggings. Colder weather brought about bubble vests and fleece jackets. A lot of the fleece jackets were labeled with brands like Columbia and The North Face. Jackets weren’t the only thing that was seen throughout the school; blankets were being used to not only keep from the cold but for sleeping when necessary. Some began to wear patent leather boots and/or rain boots. For a different type of style, there was baseball caps being seen in the halls (only when it’s hat day of course). Without the baseball caps on, some girls wore their hair in high pony tails and long braids. Oversized was seen a lot whether it was an oversized tee or an oversized sweater. A lot of girls have worn long sleeves with Shoes worn by not only girls but a lot of students were Nike Roshes, Adidas Superstar Originals, Nike Air Max, etc. Stores you can find these items at would be Champs, Nordstrom, Dicks Sporting Goods, Target, etc.

“Bringing blankets to school was probably the best trend and I feel this way because everyone just wanted to be comfortable,” freshman Kyris Evans said.

Now for the boys, rolled up jeans and sneakers have been seen a lot. Sneakers such as Nike Janoskis, Vans Originals, Nike Roshes, Air Jordans, Sperrys, etc. Joggers have been seen whether through sweatpants or just regular trousers. Along with pants, not only rolled up jeans but baggy jeans have been worn. Some guys wore patterned socks and low top sneakers with their jeans rolled up. Collared shirts and long sleeves have been seen in brands like Vineyard Vines and Polo Ralph Lauren. Tie dye tees have been clothed on a lot of boys and girls. Sports hoodies with sweatpants are still worn and have been worn for awhile now. Jerseys and longline tees have been sported along with bomber jackets and/or sweatshirts. Bags have also been shown in brands such as Jansport, Herschel Supply Co, Neff, etc. Not only the backpack but inside the backpack a few boom boxes has been heard throughout the halls. Hair has been a big thing to guys within the school this year. Hairstyles: long hair slicked back, hair shaved on the sides, hair dyed all over, and with the occasional man bun. Stores you can get these looks would be at Pacsun, Zumiez, H&M, Dicks Sporting Goods, etc.

“People wore Sperrys, Polo (Ralph Lauren) button up shirts and Fossil watches,” sophomore Fares Dugum said.

There are some trends that have stayed for awhile and have people asking, “when will this trend ever go out?” Anything involving Nike has basically stayed in; Nike is a brand that is comfortable and sporty, and is essential for days when you can barely stay awake. The Michael Kors tote bag has stayed in for a while but has been seen less throughout the school. Trends that have been brought back from times when we were in elementary school would be the crocs and the bubble vests. The white crocs were essential to some girls, but have been seen less after a short time. The famous bubble vest came in and has still been seen in various brands including Michael Kors, Columbia, and The North Face, MOD, etc.

“O-M-G crocs,” sophomore Elizabeth Stallings said.