Car of the Week

2006 Dodge Ram 3500 Cummins


By Chris Wood

This week we are featuring one of the biggest, baddest trucks on the FHN parking lot. With a four-inch exhaust connected to the big Cummins inline six engine, you will hear the truck before you see it. This beast belongs to Jordan Throgmorton. He got this truck last January for his 17th birthday. He had just finished his dinner when he walked out to see this huge red Cummins. His Dad than handed him the keys.

“I was so happy and excited; I jumped with joy,” Throgmorton said.

So far his favorite memory of the truck is doing a huge pull. He backed up his truck and connected it to a big, heavy goose neck horse trailer. He then put the horses in the trailer and pulled them to Kentucky to breed. This was one of the many times he got to see his truck preform the way it was made to- pulling huge amounts of weight. He really enjoyed doing this because it helped out his dad’s buddy, and he got to unleash the power of the Cummins engine.

So far, Throgmorton loves his truck and has done a few things to makes it his already. He has redone the exhaust with four-inch MBRP stainless steel exhaust giving it a mean roar which you can here as he starts it in the parking lot. He has given the truck a more aggressive look by adding a leveling kit and putting 35-inch Toyo R/T tires. Finally, to squeeze out all the power he can from his engine, he had a performance chip installed in his truck with multiple settings, including economy, sport, towing and performance.

He’s not done yet though modifying his truck. As soon as he gets the money, he has plans to add an after market air intake, new injectors, better turbo, a new transmission and a new rear differential with a locker. With all these modifications, he plans to get better fuel, more economy power and better towing. With all these plans he has for the truck, he plans on never selling it and keeping it for his whole life.