Media Specialists Have Positive Outlook on Upcoming, Diverse Coffeehouse


By Monica Buckner, Video Staffer

The North Street Coffeehouse will be held on Feb. 25-26 with completely different acts being held each day. Cookies, coffee and hot chocolate are served at no charge to attendees, and entertainment at Coffeehouse will include, but is not limited to, music, poetry, and monologues. This year, Coffeehouse will be divided between half music and half spoken word acts.

“It will absolutely be better this year,” Media Specialist Tara Willen said. “It will still feel very similar to the students and the audience. I love getting to know the performers who are often students that I don’t see in here all the time. There are some regulars, but I meet new students and learn so much about them through Coffeehouse.”

Willen is not the only attendee of Coffeehouse who is looking forward to some exciting things. Performers seem to be more excited than ever. Former coffeehouse speaker Mia Amoure’ says the crowd’s reaction is her favorite part.

“Depending on what you do, if it’s really good and relevant to the crowd, you will get an amazing response,” Amoure’ said. Music is what she is looking forward to most this year.

Willen gives a little inside scoop on something to look forward to at Coffeehouse that has happened before. At least one of the two days at the end of all the performances, performers make a collaborative piece that all flows together.

“It happens every year, and I love it.” Willen said.

Angie Davis, another Media Specialist and host of Coffeehouse, also said artwork will be displayed during Coffeehouse, and a live artist is going to be attending the event and creating art as the performances inspire them.

“I am very excited about coffeehouse this year,” Davis said. “I have something in particular, but I won’t spoil it.”

Coffeehouse is an event that has been around since 2004 and is a tradition inspired by a former librarian who went to a workshop at a librarian conference and immediately brought the celebration of written and spoken word to FHN. Davis and Willen are looking forward to having a broader variety for the upcoming Coffeehouse.

“In the future, we are looking forward to increasing the spoken word and having more of a variety,” Davis said.