NHS Members Help With the Easter Fair at Fairmont Elementary school


By Lavanya Kolluru, Weekly Staffer

Sounds of children laughing, the Easter bunny, Easter eggs and crafts all over the place. That is the perfect description of the Easter Celebration at Fairmont Elementary School. NHS members will volunteer at the celebration on Saturday, March 12. They will volunteer in one and a half hour shifts, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. to help with Easter crafts, help with the Easter bunny and photographer.

“I get to help the kids with their crafts and the Easter bunny will be there,” junior Kenedi Martin said. “I’m looking forward to helping the kids and making their experience better.”

NHS members volunteer at the fair to earn more points in NHS and serve the community. Volunteering through NHS provides opportunities for members to give back to their community.

“I think some members volunteer there because they went to school there so they get to see their old teachers,” Senior NHS Sponsor Donna Malkmus said. “Others I think just volunteer because working with little kids is fun. Sometimes you get hugs and they are still so excited about everything; they aren’t quite so jaded as high school students.”

NHS is a club that stands on the four pillars of character, scholarship, leadership and service. The club focuses on giving back to the community, and volunteering at Fairmont Elementary School is an example of one way they do this.

“NHS is important because it serves as a platform for the youth to connect with the community,” Junior NHS Officer Amy Wedewer said. “It allows us as highschoolers to serve the community in any ways that we can. It’s one of the few clubs that focuses solely on service.”