NHS Hosts Trivia Night in FHN Commons


By Lucas Tabaka, Photographer

The National Honors Society, more commonly known as NHS, is hosting their annual trivia night for all of the NHS members. Trivia night has been going on for approximately 5 years. The night will include a scavenger hunt, a tradition for the past three years.

“I’m excited that students will be able to test and show off their knowledge in a variety of different academic categories,” NHS officer Zohaib Abro said.

The trivia night will be held in the Commons on March 11 for $10. The night will include sitting and eating, while answering trivia questions about politics, art, Disney, state capitols and pop culture. All of the questions are written and asked by the NHS officers. The members will be split into teams of two. The pairs will have a chance to either win first, second or third place if they answer the most questions correctly. The prizes include a $15 Quick Trip gift card for first place, a $10 Quick Trip gift card for second place and a $5 Quick Trip gift card for third place. The scavenger hunt will include members going around the school answering questions while being tied to their partners at the wrist. Rules were changed after having students being tied together by the ankles last year.

“I am excited about being with friends and getting to experience a new atmosphere,” Melanie Gilmore, new NHS member, said.

Not only does the night consist of fun activities, but there is money being raised for a charity from every NHS member’s entry fee. Last year, NHS members raised $330 for their charity. Each year there is a new charity that the NHS club decides to help. This year the club will be helping the Youth in Need charity.

“I’m hoping since we have the early inducted sophomores that there will be more participation,” Donna Malkmus,  senior NHS sponsor, said.