Hollenbeck and FHN Combine Theatre Programs for Spring Musical


Credit to Alyssa Savage

Junior Brianna Smith, senior Erika Paar, and sophomore Kayliani Sood practice the choreography for the song “Be Our Guest” after school. This is the first year that Hollenbeck has joined any production at North.

By Kylah Woods

For the first time ever, FHN has combined with students from Hollenbeck Middle School to put on the spring production of “Beauty and the Beast.”

“The fact that they’re younger didn’t play into what role they got,” drama teacher Kim Sulzner said.

Instead of doing the normal spring play with only FHN students, Sulzner decided to add Hollenbeck students to the mix. Sulzner teaches at both schools. Since both of the schools put on two plays a year, Sulzner would normally have to go back and forth between schools
for rehearsals and such. According to Sulzner, spring productions are bigger than fall productions, so instead of dividing herself between both schools, she allowed Hollenbeck students to audition for cast and be a part of crew at FHN.

“There’s just not enough days to prepare two different spring shows,” Sulzner said.

The actual play has 21 parts. There’s 37 total cast members, 10 of which are Hollenbeck students. About 15 Hollenbeck students are on the crew. Hollenbeck students are expected to be at practices after school just as if they were FHN students. According to Sulzner, the only difference with working with both middle and high schoolers is the level of maturity. The FHN cast and crew members however, say there isn’t much difference at all.

“We hold them at the same level of professionalism,” cast member Zac Cary said. “The only difference is they’re shorter.”

Practices started Feb. 18 and the cast and crew are confident everything will be ready by showtime, April 7, 8, and 9.