Working at Kokomo Joes

By Maya King and Nathan Williams

Lots of high school students know what it’s like to have an after school job, mostly to earn some extra cash or to save for college. To a majority of high school students, these minimum paying jobs aren’t enjoyable. But for FHN student employees at Kokomo Joe’s Family Fun Center, the idea of a high school job is different.
Kokomo Joe’s opened about three years ago after owners Joe and Angel Johnson spent a year in England. During their stay, they saw play areas where people could sit down to eat while they watched children play and were inspired to start their own business. When Kokomo Joe’s opened, FHN graduate Kristina Forst was one of the first employees hired.
The ages of the employees range from about 16 to 21. As of now there are 17 Kokomo Joe’s employees that currently attend FHN.
“Our employees attending the same high school has a dramatic effect on our work place. It helps because each school has a personality of their own,” Joe said.
The relationship between the FHN students is outstanding according to Joe. He is very pleased with how his employees work with each other. Angel and Joe are also impressed with their involvement in parties and events.
“Employee parties have a great turn out,” Johnson said. “I would say 90 percent of our employees show up.”
Junior Emma Meyers enjoys the work parties as well as the job itself. She is pleased that she doesn’t dread going to work and how well the staff works together. They also share information with one another to help with the staff communication
“We have a Kokomo Joe’s Facebook page where employees can post information and help us communicate with one another,” Meyers said.