Student of the Week


By Monica Buckner

Student of the Week has been around for many years and each week, a lucky senior, junior, sophomore and freshman are selected and are given the title of “Student of the Week.”

“We handle Student of the Week on a department basis,” Head of K.O.E. and English teacher Lindsey Scheller said. “Each department in the select school gets a certain month, and when that month comes around, we tell them to nominate a student.”

“There’s actually no qualifications at all,” said Scheller. “And it’s kind of fascinating when you get to look at all the certificates because when each kid is nominated, the teacher gives one or two sentences of why they nominated that student. Sometimes it’s for sports or arts or just students they see in the hall who make their day better and, we really just like to be able to recognize as many different kids as we can.”

Since every department nominates a student during their month, sometimes there are too many students to choose from so then there is an abundance of students that cannot all be named “Student of the Week.” From all of the students that get nominated, their name gets thrown into a hat and chosen at random, then their name and picture gets put on the special wall next to the main office.

The selection of “Student of the Week” is quite the process. It is rather simple and faster than what most people think. The student chosen will have their principal call them down to the main office on the Monday of the week, or Tuesday if there’s no school Monday, where a certificate and a colored “FHN Student of the Week” string bag awaits, then the student is given an award for their accomplishments and recognition.