NHS Helps at Annual Tri-County Science Fair on April 23


Credit to Paige Prinster

By Kylah Woods, North Star Staffer

Students from different districts will be coming to FHN on Saturday, April 23 to compete in the annual Tri-County science fair.

Preparations for the fair have already begun. Members in NHS who signed up will set up the Commons Friday, April 22 after school. Several students in NHS have already made the medals for the winners of the fair. Students will come in Saturday and set up their projects, and judges will give awards.

“I’ve done it for a long time. It runs like clockwork. It’s a well oiled machine,” Sophmore  NHS Sponsor Donna Malkmus said.

Students who are participating in the competition range in ages from elementary students to middle school students. Those who qualified for this fair participated and won their school science fair. According to Malkmus, the complexity of the projects as a whole varies due to the huge age difference.

“You’ll have anywhere from popcorn, to magnets, to complicated high school projects,” Malkmus said.

Parents and students are encouraged to come and look at other projects from students in other districts. According to NHS member Jose Alega, a lot of the projects had to do with food, while others were quite complex.

“[Last year’s fair] was pretty good. Some of the projects were really interesting for that age group. A lot of them were food, and that made me hungry,” Alega said.