Drama Club Welcomes All Students

By Heeral Patel and Emily Biehle

Outgoing is the only way to describe the many of kids in Drama Club, unless you count dramatic.  The club is about students coming together in their  shared love for drama and theatre.  They gets together and does drama-related things, including improv and put on annual productions -a play and a musical- for the school.  The club has a welcoming atmosphere for the wide range of students that is serves.

“There’s [so] many people and they’re all so different,” Freshman Riley Lawson said.

Lawson joined drama club in the sixth grade, but his earliest experience was the second grade show at Cosley Elementary.  The students had to participate in that play, and for Lawson, it wasn’t a good experience. What made him join in middle school was his friend Zac Cary, who is now an FHN senior.  While joining the club wasn’t his first choice, Lawson loved it enough to keep going and eventually be apart of the Drama Club at North.

“It’s been fun and cool,” Lawson said. “I’ve met people that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Freshman Jadon Herrman also joined drama in sixth grade.  Her love for acting drove her to make the decision.  Making the choice early on isn’t necessary for some students.  Some drama members feel that newcomers just need to find what they’re best at and the rest of the experience will come naturally and quickly.

“Don’t be shy,” Herrman said. “Everyone in theatre is accepting, there really isn’t any reason to be worried just because you don’t have much experiance.”

Joining Drama is simple: just show up at a meeting.  That’s all there is to it.  Meetings are held right after school in either the auditorium or drama room. As of last year, drama club met every other Tuesday.

“You’ll find your place where you do best fast,” Herrman said.