El Maguey

By Ashya Roberson and Megan Horner

Ana Gabriela Leon Ornelas works at her family owned restaurant, El Maguey. At the age of 19 she works as a cashier, waitress and about anything they need her to do. “I love working with my mom and dad, they help me out when I’m really busy or when I don’t understand something.” said Ana.

Ornelas a Mexican Russian loves her heritage more than anything. Working at El Maguey has it’s benefits for not only the owners but the workers too. “I get discounts on food and I get to have a longer break since it’s an family owned restaurant.” said Ornelas. Having your family as co-workers is fun and all but can really have it’s downside to it. Many family owned restaurant always has it’s difficulties  but for Ornelas she believe it’s a great experience. “I know i mess up a lot but I know I have my family helping me along the way cause that’s what family is about; picking you up when you tried your best.” said Ornelas.

When dealing with rude customers it’s always hard to keep your calm even though you are right. There isn’t a day you wouldn’t get a rude customer and trying to simmer them down can go either way. Messing up on an order is the key to make a happy customer a mean one and trying to not make a scene is harder when they are yelling.

“The ways I deal with rude customers is I am as calm I can be even though they are being rude to me I try my hardest to show my nice side.” said Ornelas.

Many teenagers always wanted a job to have freedom and a sense of respect to their name. However money is the main reason why Ornelas started working but to also give back to her family after what they have done for her. Having your first job makes it almost feel like you are an adult in a way because you are making your own money and you are staying out longer.

“Money and I wanted to start paying for myself and to help out my mom and dad it made me feel like an adult.” said Ornelas.