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Seniors Honored at Awards Night, Prepare for Graduation


Credit to Lucas Tabaka

By Bernadette Kornberger

The end of the year is almost here. For most, that means a long summer break and back to school. But for the senior class, it means the end of high school and then everyone takes their own path. Being a senior at this time of the year means being busy almost every day with preparing for what it is they pick to do after high school and all of the senior events. One out of the many senior events is Senior Awards Night.

“It’s sad because it’s coming to the end of the year, but it’s exciting because we get to see what awards we earned and starting a new chapter in our lives,” senior Karley McCarthy said.

The awards night was at in the gym at 6:30 p.m. with no admission charge. With select students from the senior class given awards, the seniors, proud of their accomplishments, walk up to a podium in the middle of the gym that is right by a table of cords and in front of all the teachers or administrators giving out the awards.

“I was extremely honored,” DJ Lamartina, the winner of the Male Physical Education award, said. The crowd was electric when I walked up to receive my chord. I am extremely proud to be a Knight.”

The various awards given out during the night included The Bright Flight that was introduced to get kids to go to college in Missouri. This year, the requirement was a minimum of 31 on the ACT, and a total of 33 students received it this year. Also, the George Washington Carver award that goes to the top 10% in grade point average of the class was awarded to 99 seniors this year. Along with those, two dozens of other awards were given out in math, communication arts, German, French, and leadership.

“It was cool to see all my friends winning scholarships for their hard work they did all year,” senior Libby Lassanske said.