Q&A Quill and Scroll

By Lucas Tabaka

1. Who is the sponsor?

AS: “Manfull is the sponsor.”

2. Where do they meet?

AS: “You meet once a year at Gingham’s.”

3. When do they meet?

AS: “The day of the induction ceremony into Quill and Scroll.”

4. What events are being hosted there?

AS: “The induction; as long as you have a certain GPA and show good high school journalism work, you’ll be inducted.”

5. What are the costs/fees associated with the club?

AS: “No costs are associated.”

6. Why do they meet?

AS: “We meet once a year to get initiated into Quill and Scroll or welcome new members while kind of renewing our membership in Quill and Scroll.”

7. How are meetings run?

AS: “The only meeting is breakfast at Gingham’s in which everyone has breakfast, and the new members are given their pin and membership into Quill and Scroll.”

8. What is the overall goal of the club?

AS: The overall goal is just to recognize amazing students who show great journalism skills while maintaining a high GPA.”

9. How long has the club been at FHN?

AS: “The club has been at FHN since 1988.”

10. When is the next meeting date?

AS: “No next meeting date; we meet on one specific day of the year.”