Art Club Disbanding Due to Budget Cuts

By Carolynn Gonzalez, North Star Newspaper Managing Editor

Due to budget cuts, FHN’s art club has been disbanded after nearly 20 years of existence.

“We found out at one of the last meetings of last year,” junior Gaby Fitch, former art club member, said. “Everyone was pretty upset, but I understand why funding had to be cut.”

According to Michael Leistner, art teacher at FHN and former art club sponsor, the club was very relaxed. The club would meet about every other Thursday, though the members varied as the year progressed.

“Membership was very fluid,” Leistner said. “Some kids wouldn’t attend until their sports season ended while others were there all year. We always had around 15 members even though people came and went.”

When art club was first formed, members would often go to art museums or to Laumeier Sculpture Park before going out to eat on the Loop. Recent art club activities included painting murals in the school and the Memory Project, where club members would draw portraits of orphaned children in developing countries.

“I’m upset that we don’t have the chance to do the murals and the memory project, but I’m happy Leisner has more time for his family,” Fitch said.

Junior Riley Kampff is taking three art classes this year and was looking forward to joining the club. According to Kampff, students in art classes were told on the first day of school about the dissolving of art club.

“It was really disappointing,” Kampff said. “It’s pretty sad when the only art related club is disbanded. This year I was really going to shine with my art and try and experience different types of art in the club.”

Though the club is no more, students who are interested in restarting art club can go request that art club be reinstated at the activities office.