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Revamped Tardy Policy Brings New Sense of Responsibility to FHN Students


Credit to Alex Rowe

By Martin Groves

With the new academic school year comes a revised and stricter tardy policy, allowing only three tardies as a whole rather than per class each quarter.

“Ultimately, I think that it’s going to continue to improve the quality of classes and make sure that we’re also continuing to provide kids with an experience that they’re going to translate into the next series of their life,” Principal Andy Downs said.

Some students feel that the new policy is a little too harsh, but understand that it was introduced to reduce class interruptions and improve the learning environment.

“I can see why they want people to be on time everyday,” junior Grant Freitas said. “But I also feel like it’s a little too restrictive.”

Having been formulated over the summer, it was introduced with a one-week grace period, giving students time to adjust to the change.

“I think it’s been working,” Downs said. “We’ll continue to monitor and see how it progresses throughout the year.”