How To: Finding the Perfect Homecoming Outfit


Credit to Jared Kinnard

By Madison Abanathie

It can be hard to find the “perfect” Homecoming outfit, that’s why students around FHN shared where they got their outfit and their budget for the outfit. The following infographics are here to help you figure out where to get your outfit and how much to spend on it.

The average Macy’s dress cost is about $77. Now for some people that may be a little out of budget, but at places like Kohls the average price it $52. It can also be just as simple as finding a nice dress, slacks, or a shirt in your closet.

When it comes to finding an outfit, start by just wandering the mall or ask a friend. Fifty-four people surveyed out of 149 said they found their outfit wandering the mall. Also, just ask where people got there’s and ask their style to get an idea for what works for you.