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KOE Host Hat Day for Ill Student


Credit to Megan Tanksley and Ariel Kirkpatrick

By Gavin Atkinson

On Oct. 4 KOE will be hosting a hat day in order to raise funds for junior Elizabeth Stallings, who had to be hospitalized earlier this year.

“On the very first day of school this year, she was taken out in an ambulance and has been in and out of the hospital ever since in pretty serious condition,” said English teacher and KOE sponsor Lindsey Scheller.

Stallings was hospitalized earlier this year after suffering from breathing problems during school. Later, it was discovered that she was misdiagnosed with Asthma and was actually suffering from a severe heart condition. Associate Principal Katie Greer came to Scheller and inquired whether KOE would want to establish a fundraiser for Stallings. She and the KOE members happily accepted.

“Hat days are important because they’re always done to help raise money for people who need it,” said sophomore and KOE member Corey Valleroy.

Students can help raise funds and participate in hat day today by bringing in a minimum of one dollar and a hat to wear. All funds gained from hat day will go to Stallings and her family to help pay for medical expenses.

“I know that when somebody is in the hospital, even if their parents or even if the family is okay with medical bills, there’s just a lot of expenses that come up out of nowhere,” said Scheller. “We just thought that it would be a nice thing to do for her family more than anything.”