FCA Dodgeball Tournament Cancelled


Credit to Alex Rowe

By Paige Prinster

Following last year’s first annual FCA dodgeball tournament success, this year’s tournament, originally scheduled to be on Oct. 27, has been cancelled.

“It’s hard to hear that such a fun event and all the work we put into planning it won’t happen,” FCA member Jessie Beckmann said.

The tournament is a fundraiser for FCA, with teams competing in a tournament for the winning trophy whilst also competing in a costume contest, with a special prize awarded to the winning team.

“So many people had so much fun last year and it’s a great way to relieve the stress of school and sports,” Beckmann said.

Though last year’s tournament went through many cycles of rescheduling throughout the school year, the fundraiser still ended up successful, with a total of 11 teams participating in the event, and a number of teams even had to be turned down. However, only one team signed up this year, so the event had to be cancelled.

“It’s upsetting that not enough teams signed up,” Beckmann said.

With only one team registered for the tournament and a general lack of interest, FCA sponsor Dawn Hahn is left unsure why this year has been so different from what she considers the success of last year’s tournament.

“I’m stuck right now,” Hahn said. “We actually did more advertising this year than we did last year. I don’t know what else we should do other than keep it at the same time each year so people know that in the fall this is alway going to be coming up, so hopefully that routine will help.”

Despite the canceling of this year’s tournament, FCA will try to host this event again in the future.

“I’m disappointed that it was cancelled,” FCA member Isabella Schneider said, “but we are all just going to keep a positive face and try to look at the positive things instead.”