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Stream Team Works to Better the Environment

Kelsey Decker

By Alex Lane

From cleaning rivers to a fun float trip, Ecology Club is one with nature. Joseph Brocksmith is the lead adviser for the club and is an environmental study and biology teacher.

“Outdoor activities, the handful of hikes and the float trip are some of my favorite parts of the club,” Brocksmith said.

On Oct. 1 the group went out for a gathering to St. Augusta to pick apples, ride hayrides, look at plants and more. The club monitors many stream sites in Missouri and makes sure there’s little to no pollutant in the waters. The club has been around for several years and still continues to run.

“Personally, it’s fun running the club and it gets kids interested to enjoy the outdoors,” Brocksmith said.

Senior Jessica Jones is ready for her first year in the club and is intrigued for what is to come this year.

“Brocksmith made it seem like a really fun club and the float trip always pumps everyone up,” Jones said.

Brocksmith hopes the group has another successful year and that students get the most out of it.

“What I hope they get the most out of the club is passion and appreciation for the great outdoors,” Brocksmith said.