The Fangirl Life: Thoughts Before Doctor Strange


Credit to Brayton Larson

By Michal Basford

The new Marvel movie Doctor Strange comes out this week on Nov. 4. My expectations are really high after viewing the trailer, and I’m very excited.

The trailer came on when I was watching Elementary on Hulu, and I cried. I was already excited, as I usually am, for the new movie to come out. But that trailer got me even more excited with the hints at Doctor Strange’s character.

Marvel movies are always really exciting for me. It’s a chance for me to go out with my family and see something we all like. My favorite part of these trips is staying through the credits to see the credit scene(s) Marvel always includes. It always shocks me when people leave before the credits are over as it’s become Marvel’s trademark. I’m excited for seeing the background and development of Doctor Strange, the new villains and what the credit scene(s) will hold.

With the release of this movie, Marvel will be yet another fandom Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch are in simultaneously. These include Sherlock, The Hobbit and now Marvel.