Top Eight Things to do under $10

Eight ideas of ways to stay entertained while on a budget, whether staying in or going out

By Sami Schmid, Newspaper writer

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Geocaching is a large treasure hunt with people all over the world. It’s like Pokemon Go except what you find isn’t virtual. There are different sized caches to search for or hide. Visit to make an account and use the app on your phone to navigate your way to different caches.


Knitters started Yarn Bombing as a form of street art by knitting yarn around things. While typically projects are knitted, wrapping yarn around objects will work. Grab some friends and a cheap roll of yarn and get started on things like trees or an old bike. Just make sure to ask for permission if you venture off your property.


Tap into your childhood and get sheets and chairs and build a fort. Get a big group, split into teams and make it into a competition to see who can make the biggest and most extravagant fort in 30 minutes. When you’re done, chow down on some snacks and watch some movies, play board games or read a book.


Saint Charles Community College often hosts outdoor movies, plays or food truck nights. On their website, under student life and campus events, there’s a calendar of various fun and exciting things to do. Local radio stations such as 106.5 The Arch often have many different affordable events happening as well.


Find a place you can start a fire and invite friends to join you with instruments and food. Everyone can bring a little something  to eat that they already have at home and instruments could range from a guitar to an empty drawer in place of drums. Bring some blankets and hot chocolate in case it gets cold.


Anytime of the year roller or ice skating is a fun way to spend time. The Rec-Plex has $4-6 admission for their indoor ice rink and skates can be rented for another $3.75. Great Skate has $6.00 admission and $2.00 skate rental. You could even go to a free skate park such as the one at Fountain Lakes Park in St. Charles.


To introduce some spontaneity when going out, find a penny and get in a car. Designate one side of the penny for left and the other for right. When making a stop flip the penny to determine which way to turn.  Ending up at a great restaurant is just as much a possibility as the middle of no where, so be careful.


Get outside and make an obstacle course using household items like tape, a bike wheel or a broom. Tap into your American Ninja Warrior side and see how creative and challenging you can get with it. Race your friends and try out different ways to get through the course like by riding a bike or skateboard.

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Top Eight Things to do under $10