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Five Things to Watch: Upcoming Stories and Games, Final Prep


Credit to Michal Basford

Junior Justin Matthews drives in for a lay up at the seventh place game in the St. Charles West Warrior Classic tournament on Dec. 9. The final score was 68-54, SCW.

By Daniel Mulawa

Cocoa and Cram:

After school on Dec. 12 there will be a study session for freshmen to help them prepare for finals. This study session takes place in the commons and goes from right after school till 5 p.m.

Paper Day:

On Dec. 14, the newspaper staff will be releasing another issue of the North Star. The issue will have a central topic of why animals matter. Members of the staff will be delivering the paper to classes starting at first hour.

Varsity Boys Basketball:

There is a varsity boys basketball game against Hazelwood East this Thursday, Dec. 15, at Lindenwood University. The game starts at 5:30 p.m.

Final Schedule:

Next Monday begins the first set of finals. We will put out a schedule for each day, and teachers will also have it as well. Students don’t have to be at school for the homeroom at the beginning of the day on Tuesday and Wednesday, but it is recommended if study time is needed.

Upcoming Stories:

This week, there will be some stories about students auditioning for prestigious bands, and also a story about how the pathway to teaching careers class has been cut to only a semester long. Stay tuned for more.