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The Better Story is Snapchat

Snapchat provides users with a simple, unique social media experience.

By Ashya Roberson

Created in September 2011, Snapchat changed everything for social media. Any user can record 10-second videos and upload pictures every time something funny or good happens. Snapchat is universal, and for many people it is literally life. Users can be all over the world and post a story of what they are doing to show their friends. However, Instagram came along and made Instagram stories on Aug. 2. For the last few months, people have decided whether or not to use Snapchat or Instagram stories. Snapchat is better because it is growing with popularity and many people enjoy it and love sending snaps to their streaks, something that Instagram doesn’t have.

Snapchat has filters that let a user have a flower crown or a grandma face, among others. However, Instagram only changes the color of the photo, something Snapchat already did. Instagram stories are a knockoff of Snapchat stories in a way. Snapchat users send and receive over 400 million “Snaps” every day. When they do this, they can see each others’ geofilters, which is one thing that Instagram does not offer.

People enjoy clicking through stories and sending one another’s stories to their fellow friends on Snapchat. Snapchat stories are a way to get to know someone little by little and it’s possible for people to become friends over one another’s stories. No matter how many times people use Snapchat, it will always update new ideas to make users love it more than Instagram’s idea of a “story.”