Moana is Stunning and Almost Magical


Credit to Photo Submitted

By Jake Price

The new Disney princess film follows the journey of a Polynesian chieftain’s daughter, Moana, who seeks the help of the demigod Maui to get rid of a curse that threatens her island. They must travel across the ocean and face many dangerous monsters if they want to make it in time to save her home.

Compared to every other Disney movie, Moana is not the best. However, the film is really well-crafted.

The animation is beautiful. It’s amazing how well they were able to animate the water, the sky and even the people so realistically to where viewers almost forget they are watching an animated movie. The visuals are stunning, nothing looks out of place and the movie is really pretty to look at overall.

The voice acting is really fantastic, specifically Dwayne Johnson. He is amazing. The way he voiced Maui adds such great humor and fun to the movie. The other cast members like Auli’i Cravalho, who plays Moana, did a great job, but not as good as Johnson.

Since this is a Disney princess film, there were, in fact, musical numbers. The truth is the music was a bit weak. The music was very well made, but it just didn’t click like other Disney movies. This is mainly due to the music being overshadowed by the amazing animation and characters.

The only flaw with this movie is the storytelling. The entire first act of the film felt very rushed, and the story got a bit repetitive in places.

Overall, Moana is very entertaining, very well-made and very likable. This movie may have hit a few small bumps in the road, but if people don’t see this movie they will really miss out on a fun moving-going experience.