The Fangirl Life: Star Wars on Tumblr


Credit to Brayton Larson

By Michal Basford

Just scrolling through tumblr, I ended up finding this. It was absolutely hilarious and beyond what I was expecting. The buttons aren’t something I’ve ever really given much thought before, and this post kinda raises the question but in a comedic way.

Fanart is my weakness, without a doubt. This style even gets to me. The realistic look to it is appealing.

This piece of fanart, like the two above, is realistic. I happen to have a soft spot for Obi-Wan. He mentors Anakin and, while it may not seem like it, really does care about him.

K-2SO is such a sass master that he nearly beats R2-D2 for my favorite droid because, let’s face it, R2 is absolutely adorable.

I love posts like these where it compares two characters, especially in instances like this one. The gifs really add an element to this post.