Just a Fun Drive


By Martin Groves

  1. Weldon Spring Mound
    • The 75-foot tall mound is a burial ground of sorts, not for people, but that of radioactive waste from a chemical plant that sat in its place years ago.
    • Completed in 2001, the mound covers 1.5 million cubic yards of hazardous materials from the plant that once produced TNT during World War II.
    • “You need your walking shoes on because it’s a bit of a treacherous hike.” -Jessica Venegoni, 12
  2. Terry and Kathy’s
    • Right off Highway 94 and the Katy Trail, it is a very popular place to stop for bikers and cyclists.
    • A local band plays music on the outdoor stage on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
    • Terry and Kathy’s is a bar and cafe in Defiance that is the perfect place to stop for some quick food on the route.
    • “It’s a really popular place with bikers at the weekend. If that’s what you like, this is the place to be.” -Colin Bodley, 12
  3. Klondike Park
    • With direct access to the Missouri River, it is also a popular boat launching site.
    • A quick hike will also get someone to a commanding view of the river from atop a cliff, which also happens to be the perfect place for a picnic.
    • “It’s a beautiful place to spend time. I ride down there on my motorcycle every so often.” -Luke Floyd, 11
  4. Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park
    • Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park is like most other state parks, in that it has great hikes, bicycle rides, cookout barbecues, and has several interesting landmarks that make the perfect background for pictures.
    • “It was a fun drive up there, and it was a great place to take some pictures of the cars.” -Dev Patel, 11