News Briefs: Winter Guard, Student Choice Awards, Band Competition


By Sydney Wise and Ashya Roberson

Winter Guard Season

Winter Guard started off their season with two second-place wins, something they weren’t quite expecting. From losing members to having money issues, the season wasn’t looking great in their eyes toward the beginning. They expected to do better, but they’re still hoping to do well the rest of the season.

“Our goal last year was to make it to the top five in competitions,” junior Theresa Winkle said. “This year we just hope to make it to finals.”

Despite these setbacks, guard is still working to improve. They went to WGI Indianapolis in Indiana, an international competition, on Feb. 17-19, where they placed ninth out of 11. They also went to WGI Omaha, another international competition, on Feb. 24-26 and got third. Their last WGI competition will be April 6-9, which is also their biggest and last competition of the year.

“Performing feels like a whole bunch of people are watching you, but it also feels like you’re the only one on the floor at the same time,” sophomore Essence Green said. (Brief by Sydney Wise)

KOE Student Choice Awards

KOE started Student Choice Awards in February. Each month, students can fill out a Google Doc nominating their favorite teacher. At the end of the month, KOE sponsor Kristen Johnson goes through the nominations and writes certificates for every teacher.

“We always have staff member of the month,” KOE sponsor Lindsey Scheller said. “We wanted the students’ perspective this time.”

Each teacher is given a certificate for their nominations, but the teacher who receives the most nominations is the winner. The teacher that wins will also receive a certificate and be announced at the end of each month during announcements.

“I’m excited to find out who wins the award,” Rasha Shaker, sophomore and KOE member, said. “I’m sure they worked very hard for it.” (Brief by Sydney Wise)

Band Competes At Holt High School

Band students in Brass Choir, Symphonic Band and Woodwind Choir will go to Holt High School on March 9 for their annual large ensemble competition. Band Director Rob Stegeman will bring these groups with him to compete against other schools in Missouri and get a rating that consists of one to five, with one being the best.

Band students in Brass Choir, Symphonic Band and Woodwind Choir practice months before the concert to perfect their music and make sure everything is on note and ready for the judges’ critiques at the competition.

“All that hard work and dedication is just so surreal and amazing in my eyes,” Stegeman said. “I just want to pass on what I teach to them so they can take it with them when they are ready to perform in front of many others by themselves.”

Senior trumpet player Dan Mulawa has been in band for every year in high school. He plays the in the basketball band as well as in the Symphonic Band and looks forward to the Holt competition.

“The music we have is pretty tough because it’s grade five and grade five is the second-hardest to grade, but I know we are ready and will push through,” Mulawa said. (Brief by Ashya Roberson)