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Young Republicans and Young Democrats Visit Jefferson City


Missouri State Capitol Building in Jefferson City, MO. Young Republicans and Democrats took a field trip to the state capital. (Photo by Kyle Dearing)

By Madison Abanathie, Web Staff

On March 9, Young Republicans and Young Democrats visited the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City. While in Jefferson City, the club members had a reception with state representatives and a senator, had a photo opportunity with the representatives and the senator, visited the Missouri Supreme Court building, took a tour of the State Capitol building and toured the building’s dome. This was only a part of their packed schedule for this important field trip.

“[We went to] get to know their representatives a little better, because they’re the ones who are going to be leading us,” Young Republicans sponsor William Crow said. “[Also,] just visiting the capital, most people in Missouri haven’t visited the state capital, so [it’s very important.]”

The field trip had about 40 students in attendance. The students were able to meet their representatives and their senators. After meeting them, the students were able to get a better understanding of what representatives and senators actually do for their job, besides making and passing laws between each other.

“I learned that politicians jobs aren’t just giving speeches but a lot of paperwork,” junior and Young Republicans member Elijah Bowen said. “It can get kind of boring, but I can see the ultimate purpose.”

Recently, the importance of understanding politics, especially in the 18 year old and older demographic, has been stressed in our society. From the Presidential Election that just occurred in Nov. 2016 to regular statewide elections that occur every two years or even the preliminaries that occur in preparation for those elections.

“It’s the one thing that affects every single day of your life, from the time you’re born until the day you die and actually beyond that,” Young Democrats sponsor Kim Coil said.