Top 8 Places To Buy Chicken Strips


By Ashya Roberson, Top 8 Places To Buy Chicken Strips

  1. Popeyes chicken tenders come in mild and spicy. To me, the mild tenders take the lead because they’re simple and have a burst of flavor that will only make customers go back for more. It’s never too overpowering and people are hooked after one bite.
  2. Raising Cane’s strips come in a close second to Popeyes because of the fries. If the fries are an A, the chicken strips are an A no questions asked. However, the strips are great minus the lack of salt, but that doesn’t mean I can’t tackle 15 of them.

  3. Miami Grill only came in third because the strips only come in three, which isn’t enough chicken strips to me. The strips come in Chicago-style, Miami-style and my favorite, non-breaded. Make sure you bring your money because you’ll will be buying more just after one bite.

  4. Lanabri’s is the definition of soul food. It always reminds me of my great grandma Barbara’s cooking. They come in fourth because it is high priced, but you get what you pay for, which is a lot. Their tenders literally come in small, medium and large. If you are coming for a lot of food, you better bring your appetite.

  5. Church’s Chicken goes down for one of the best places to serve chicken. It’s cooked to perfection, and the taste never gets old. When they started their tenders, I was hooked from day one. You can get them baked, fried or even half and half. Just one bite of their famous tenders and you’ll be in it for life.

  6. Wingstop has great chicken wings that come in many flavors like Atomic, Mango, Original and my favorite, Hickory BBQ. When I found out you can have those flavors in tenders, it was a whole new ball park. You can get 10 tenders for $8.99, which is a deal no one can pass up.

  7. Blueberry Hill chicken strips have a great taste and never disappoint me when I’m eating there. Their flavors are so good and my favorite by far is the grilled sweet and spicy tenders. It’s a little healthy but has a big kick of hotness, and just one will be hard to not satisfy you. You can get 12 for $9.99.

  8. Hodak Bar and Grill serves more than just chicken and tacos. They have really great seasoned chicken strips and fries. The cost is only $5.80, and you get quality strips with a bucket load for fries. Hodak’s is a place you eat at when you are going through chicken withdrawals.