Corvette Collection of the Bedwell Family


By Alex Lane

Freshman Devilyn Bedwell’s family inherited two Corvettes from her grandfather. The two Vettes are a Z06 and a 1974 C3. Bedwell’s uncle, Chris, now owns both and they sit in his garage.

“In a way, I like to think the car resembles [my grandfather] and his worth as a person,” Devilyn said.

Devilyn’s grandfather got his first Corvette in 1975. He fell in love with the designs of the cars after his first one, and he needed to see more. After the first Corvette he got, he decided to start trading the one he had to possibly get a better and newer one.

“He could never settle for enough,” Devilyn’s grandmother, Kay said. “He always wanted more and more. I thought it became his main hobby soon after he started.”

His next Corvette was a 2008 Z06. With the Z06 package, the car is made for power. The car has a jet black exterior and a tan interior. The next car he added was a standard 2012 Corvette. Unlike the ‘08, the car does not have the Z06 package. This means the car holds fewer liters in its engine and ultimately has less horsepower.

“The Z06 package is so neat,” Devilyn said. “The little details to the car it adds just make the car more unique, and I love the little things like that.”

After Devilyn’s grandfather passed, the Corvettes needed to go somewhere or be passed on. Since Devilyn doesn’t have her license yet, the Corvettes couldn’t be registered in her name. Chris and Kay decided that the cars would be handed down to her uncle, Chris.

“We both knew the cars would suit him more, seeing how he loves to drive more than me,” Kay said. “Maybe one day he’ll start collecting and carry on the tradition.”

The Z06 and C3 Corvettes now wait in his garage. The Bedwells decided to get rid of the 2008 Vette as it just seemed to take up room in the garage. Chris enjoys the Z06 as a daily driver.

“At the end of each day, I still think it’s fascinating to have two Corvettes in the garage and to remember who they came from,” Devilyn said.