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News Digest: Trump Alleges Wiretapping, Spring Break Weather and the Future of the Blues


Credit to Alex Lane

By Kyle Dearing and Chase Meyer

It’s officially spring break. Though school is no longer at forefront of student’s minds, there is plenty to keep track of. This posting, I discuss the recent outburst of President Donald Trump’s alleged wiretapping case, the weather in St. Louis along with popular vacation destinations, and a look at the St. Louis Blues after the NHL trade deadline.

POTUS Alleges Wiretapping, Fails to Bring Forward Evidence

Trump made a statement weeks ago claiming that former President Barack Obama ordered Trump Tower to be wiretapped during the campaigns leading up to the November 2016 election. He has come under attack with mixed emotions from people in the U.S. and abroad. Liberal-leaning citizens have called him absurd, crazy or claiming that the President has lost his mind. Republicans throughout the country are also calling him crazy, asking him to apologize for the claims. Donald Trump mentions in an interview that he will be presenting evidence of this wiretapping.

 In President Trump’s interview with Fox’s Tucker Carlson he mentions “you’re going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next 2 weeks.” Trump doesn’t specify his version of wiretapping he describes it as, “covers a lot of different things.”

So whether or not these wiretapping allegations are true we must wait until he either does or does not release any evidence.

St. Louis Area Making a Weather Comeback

While last week’s temperatures were below ideal for an enjoyable spring break, the area is warming up for the FHSD’s week off. Temperatures are headed into the low 80s Monday while the rest of the week’s highs won’t go below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This gives students the perfect choice between spending their time outside some of the day while spending the rest inside binge-watching Netflix.

For those vacationing throughout the country this week, temperatures are looking enjoyable as well. Miami is looking to be in the high 70s to low 80s throughout the week. California is looking at temperatures similar to St. Louis, with highs in the 60s and 70s all week. Saying “aloha” to Hawaii? The average temperature hovers in the low 80s all week long.

St. Louis Blues Strengthen Their Team for a Better Outlook

In light of the NHL trade deadline, the St. Louis Blues made a few changes. They got rid of defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, and Phoenix Copley(Chicago Wolves minor league goalie) and the Blues received Zach Sanford and Brad Malone who will play for the Chicago Wolves who is the minor league affiliate for the Blues. The Blues team this season was struggling before the deadline. But it seems after the deadline they have picked up their play. Going on a 5-game winning streak last week but having that come to an end when they played Anaheim on Wednesday night (March 15). The Blues are sitting in the second wild card just 4 points ahead of the LA Kings, who they defeated on March 13 which was a crucial win for the Blues to stay ahead of the Kings. I personally predict the Blues will make the NHL playoffs, but seeing a run like last year seems a little unlikely. The Blues are hurting on performance, with the goalies being a hit or miss all season the playoffs could see a similar outlook. This also brings the question of our now open cap space. This could help us rebuild our team to get a much better performing team with more young players that can stay healthy. Robbie Fabri’s injury was a huge blow to the Blues. He’s a very good performing player especially with the line he was on. But head coach Mike Yeo has worked very well with what he has to work with. The Blues top performer Vladimir Tarasenko has shown good work this whole entire season. Coming in with 34 goals and 29 assists leading the team with 63 points. The Blues have 11 regular season games and they’ll need to at least win or get over a point in at least 75% of those to stay above the LA Kings and make the playoffs.