Courtney Haislip and Jameson Gabel Wave Goodbye to Missouri Cold for Florida Heat


By Maddie Adams, Yearbook Sports Editor

On Mar. 19, juniors Jameson Gabel and Courtney Haislip got ready to get on an 11 a.m. flight to Destin, Florida. Haislip’s family had invited Gabel to go with them on this family vacation. With this trip to Destin being Gabel’s first and Haislip’s second since she was little, Haislip’s mom, Lisa, wanted to make the vacation one to remember.

“I was excited to get to spend time with my mom and Jameson, I haven’t been able to go on vacation with my mom in awhile so, it was nice to get away with her, Patrick and Jam,” Haislip said. “It was especially nice to get away from all the stress back home.”

They did many things while they were down there. For example they went parasailing, went out to dinner, went to the beach, and got hypnotized. Haislip made sure that the girls were entertained and full of food. Everyday the girls had something new planned.

“I think my favorite thing to do was to spend time with my friend and her family, while eating good food, and most of all being able to finally relax on the beach not having to worry about school,” Gabel said.

Lisa, and her boyfriend Patrick, where the ones who made the vacation happen, and they had a lot of fun too. They didn’t just sit back and watch the girls make memories, they got to be apart of it. They did everything as a group. They had family dinners where Haislip’s mom tried taking pictures, but apparently wasn’t too good with the electronics. There was also Patrick who was cracking jokes, always making Gabel laugh.

“It was fun to go away with them,” Lisa said. “Jameson has been close with Court for along time, and she’s like family so it was nice that she came with on this very much needed getaway.”