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Running In New Color


Sophomores Sam Cary, Hannah Degraw and Mackenzie Pugh with seniors Andrew Santel, Adam Quigley, Brenden Mollett, Josh Fajardo and Drew Lanig, ran in the 2016 Color Run. (photo submitted)

By Alex Lane

The Color Run is a 5k marathon run held in different cities and countries around the world. All the money raised by the event goes to charities. This year they’re donating to Autism Speaks and Rett Syndrome. As the runners jog through the race, they are splattered in paint by staff members and spectators.

This year, the event will be held in St. Louis on April 22 and it will cost $39.99 to be a team runner and $44.99 to be an individual runner.

“I’m not trying to beat my race record from last year,” senior Josh Fajardo said. “I just want to enjoy myself and feel really good about the run and  paint.”

Each year, the Color Run has a new theme for their runs. Last year was a tropicolor theme, which had an island-style vibe and bright colors for the runners. The theme for this years run will be “Dream Tour” and will have a cloud foam zone for runners to run through. The cloud foam zone contains foam paint for the runners to run through. And at the end of the race, there is a Finish Festival that includes a DJ as well as music.

“The mini concert after the race is my favorite part because it feels like a movie and paint is thrown everywhere on everyone,” sophomore Hannah DeGraw said.