4/21 Mr. FHN Held in the Auditorium [Photo Gallery]


By Hannah Medlin

On April 21 StuCo held their annual Mr.FHN in the auditorium. The contestants were Sean Romberg, Zac Cary, Kyle Rolfing, Chris St. Aubin, Michael Shine, Christian Witte, Ethan Samson, Bryce Perry, Anthony Kristensen, Trevor Bonert, Drew Lanig, and Logan Mordvar.

There were five portions of Mr. FHN. The first was announcing the Misters, the second was pick up lines and causal wear, the third was talent, the fourth was formal wear and questions and the last portion of Mr.FHN was announcing who won the title of Mr. FHN. Bryce Perry as Mr. Steal Yo Gurl won the title as Mr. FHN, Zac Cary as Mr. Drama won Mr. Runner up, and Sean Romberg won Mr. Second Runner up. Romberg also won Mr. Congeniality chosen by the other Mr. contestants. (photos by Hannah Medlin)