DECA Sends 10 To Internationals In Anaheim, California


By Ronald Joel

This year the FHN DECA team had 10 people qualify for International Career Development Conference (ICDC). The people who qualified include: Grace Stevenson, Kevin Welch, Kyle Rohlfing, Madison Clifton, Jamie Sneed, Maggie Hillmann, Nic Savala, Peyton Rives, Ben Jamison and Brandon Bauer. At state, which was held at Lake of the Ozarks, all the qualifiers were ranked from first through thirty-eighth by judges and from a test they had taken. As there were thousands of competitors from everywhere from Missouri, these 10 from FHN ranked first through tenth in their department allowing them to move on to ICDC. None of them know exactly what they got, but they knew they did well enough in order for them to qualify to internationals which is held in Anaheim, California.

“This is my first year of DECA,” senior Kyle Rohlfing said. “Which in that case I didn’t think I’d do so well in DECA, but somehow I managed to qualify to internationals which I’m proud of myself for.”

The competitors get 10 minutes to prepare a business plan, present, go over marketing tools and must be prepared to answer anything the judges ask them. They also take a multiple choice test, in it the test asks about their department as well as general questions, which they all have to study for, if a person were to do poorly in the presentation they must excel in the test scores in order to move on to the next competition.

“I love it so much,” junior Grace Stevenson said. “It really improves your communication skills seeing how you present and talk on the fly.”