Ricky Gorzel Chooses His Bike as His Main Source of School Transportation


By Alex Lane

Senior Ricky Gorzel has rode his bike everyday to school since his freshman year. He owns a 21 speed standard bicycle. Gorzel will take riding his bike any day of the week than riding the bus to school.

“I enjoy the independence of riding a bike, not having to rely on gas and traffic congestion is nice,” Gorzel said.

There are only a few exceptions for when Gorzel won’t ride his bicycle. He won’t ride if he isn’t out of his house by 7:05 a.m., excessive heat, rain and hail would also stop Gorzel from riding to school.

“I don’t mind the snow actually, I just put on a coat and gloves and plow through it all,” Gorzel said.

Gorzel cuts through the neighborhood by Henderson Elementary School and enters through the lower parking lot. He parks his bike by the trees in front of the gym.

“I see him ride it every morning and can recognize him as soon as I see him. I think it’s neat and kind of takes dedication to do that just about every morning,” senior Alyssa Gill said.

Gorzel prefers his bike over driving his car to school because it is quicker from his house. He also doesn’t want to pay for school parking. He favors the bike, and likes to ride in his free time because it’s an escape from stress in his life and is part of his physical activity.

“Riding bikes are unique, and I find it interesting to be able to get on one and ride for hours and just go,” Gorzel said.

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article stated Gorzel rides his bike through the neighborhood by Becky-David Elementary School. The neighborhood is actually by Henderson Elementary School.