NHS Members Volunteer at Summer Reading Tables in St. Charles Libraries


Credit to Daniel Mulawa

Middendorf-Kredell library is one of many libraries NHS members can volunteer at in the St. Charles Library District.

The summer reading program is a new volunteer opportunity for NHS. It allows new and old members to earn hours for NHS by volunteering over the summer at libraries in the St. Charles Library District. This helps members earn hours so they can receive their NHS chords at graduation.

“It gives me experience in volunteering,” sophomore Tim Buchanan said. “It also helps me open up more opportunities for NHS volunteers.”

To sign up the students had to turn in forms to the library. These forms had to be turned in by April 30. Sponsor Angie Mason goes back to the library’s workers to check who signed up. These libraries can be any library in the St. Charles District. The students work at a table to help parents and children sign up for the summer reading program. They earn one point for each hour they work at the table. This idea was pitched by sophomore Madison Abanathie, who volunteers at the summer reading program each summer.

“It’s a way for students to earn some of their hours without doing too much work,” Mason said. “To make it fair we offer it to everybody. I love being a National Honor Society sponsor because of this volunteering.”

Towards the end of the summer, they hand out prizes to the kids who signed up for the actual summer reading program depending on the hours they read. The prizes they earn include backpacks and books. There is also a chance to win free passes to Kokomo Joe’s, Bahama Bucks or a Kindle. They can also win raffles and tickets to baseball games, like the River City Rascals and the St. Louis Cardinals. To win the raffles and tickets they have to complete a game board of reading hours.

“I think it would be good because you’re helping out younger kids with reading,” NHS volunteer and sophomore Mya Huddleston said. “You’re also doing a fun summer program. It gets you active with other people.”